Be you.

Be a powerful leader.

Making positive changes with authenticity, confidence and balance

in your own life or other’s.

Val is a Master Certified Coach, Certified “Design Your Life” coach and the founder of Hilltop Coaching. Her mission is to support people to create their path to reach the pinnacle of their career and their ambitions in life. She supports business leaders and professionals, school leaders and teachers in a VUCA world, a world that is more and more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Leveraging rich experience and insights from across the business world and education industry, Val utilizes creative problem-solving techniques and design thinking to help leaders and professionals navigate challenges and uncertainties with confidence.

  • Strengths based Leadership & Career Coaching
  • Accelerated leadership development with authenticity and balance
  • Strategies to move forward at times of uncertainty
  • For leaders who want to grow and win TOGETHER with their people.
  • Meaningful career choices and accelerated career advancement
  • A bridge between business and education, the “Now” and the “Future”.

Energy Leadership Coaching for businesses and schools

Val works with corporate and school leaders who feel overworked and overwhelmed and yet constantly wondering if they have done enough. She helps them create lasting strategies to reclaim their confidence and energy so they can be their best in what they do and enjoy multi-dimensional success. Val also supports teachers to improve their wellness, exploring the balance between “doing” and “being”, to claim back calmness, clarity, energy and joy. Find more here.

Creating Meaningful Work

Feeling stuck in your work?

“To be or not to be”?

Wondering about “what else could I try or achieve”? Together, we use Bill Burnett and Dave Evan’s “Designing Your Life” tools to explore the lens through which you view work, connecting you with your inner compass and creativity, to design and build your perfect career and make meaningful career choices.

Find more here.

ICF Mentor Coaching

As an ICF mentor coach, I support coaches to build their coaching competencies, confidence and impact to take their coaching to the next level.

Find more here.

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” Val is passionate about supporting leaders grow. This has clearly come through in our sessions. With her support, I stay open-minded, and we bounce ideas off each other, I also tested the ideas out in real life even at times it is not always comfortable.”

“Val’s strengths lie in drawing out my own insights and supporting me explore my ‘foundations’ – who I am, what is important to me.”

“I benefited from having a safe space to have self-reflection, which is very hard considering the day-to-day busyness, and became a better leader in communicating with my team – especially understanding the ‘why’ so that we are all on the same page. I also learned to plan better to protect the wellness of myself and the staff”.

Let’s connect. To Inspire and Be Inspired.